For The Casual Gamer: Mega Mall Story

Kairosoft has been one of my favorite developers on Google Play for quite some time now. They created a previous title that I reviewed called “Game Dev Story,” which was a game where you took on the role of a Game Developer and basically simulated what the life of a Game Development Company was. It was actually a really fun game, very casual, and only took a few hours to complete. The few hours it took to complete was sad, as I soon found myself addicted to it, but it was something that I could easily get over. Thankfully Kairosoft makes a lot of games with some of them being Dungeon Village, Hot Prix Story, World Cruise Story, and Mega Mall Story, which is the game we’ll be covering in today’s episode of For The Casual Gamer.

Kairosoft’s games often consist of 4 stars or more, so you shouldn’t be surprised that this one is actually really good. Due to the quality put in the game, it will set you back by $5, but is entirely worth it. As the title of the game suggests, you’ll be able to build a Mega Mall and control how the mall works, what it sells and etc. You can add things like Fast Food joints, places where customers can grab a bite of sushi, and so on. If your mall gets popular enough, eventually you will trigger a feature in the game called a “Fever,” which is when customers will just begin to swamp your mall, which will ultimately bring in a ton more cash for you to spend on improving the mega mall.

Again, Mega Mall Story does cost you a good $5, so if you don’t like simulators I would suggest staying away from this game because that is what it is — a simulator. On the other hand, if you’d take this game for $2.50, Kairosoft often puts their games up for sale after creating a brand new game, so if you’d keep an eye out for when they start their sales up, you may just be able to grab this title for a bit cheaper than you originally expected it would cost.

This game isn’t something that you should really play at work though, if you are a fan of simulators, this game will totally suck you in, and things at work may just not get done when you start playing it. Yes, it is that good of a game.

If you would like to play the game though, Kairosoft has developed it for both iOS and Android, so you can hit one of the links below that will take you to either iTunes or Google Play to purchase and download it. If you do end up getting the game, after you play it for a while make sure to come back here and leave a comment as to how fun the game is for you!

On another note, if you do enjoy this specific title, I would highly suggest taking a look at some of their other games like Game Dev Story and Dungeon Village.

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