For The Casual Gamer: Air Control HD

Air Control is one of the more expensive games on Google Play. It is questionable as to whether $2.99 is a good price to pay for this application, as $1.99 seems more reasonable in terms of content that Air Traffic offers. In Air Traffic, you are the air traffic controller with the goal of helping incoming planes land safely on the ground. Air Control consists of a beautiful graphics engine, offering some crystal clear graphics. Heck, it might even be good enough to say that on a Super IPS+ display, it is almost like Apple’s Retina capabilities. It is that good.

Air Traffic also includes multitouch support so that you are able to play with friends, along with this, developer Four Pixels has included a new exclusive map that will take advantage of all that extra real estate you are touting on your tablet. Air Traffic is a very simple, and surprisingly addictive game. The trick to being the Air Traffic Controller is that it is your job to direct the airplanes safely to the ground with out colliding in various obstacles and avoiding head on collisions with other planes. It gets rather difficult as you continue on through the game, but you eventually get used to it, and at that point, are able to try and set yourself a personal high score. There are countless hours of addictive gameplay, and upon picking this title up, I think you would agree with me.

All of that said, there are also 5 different maps you can play on. Planes in Air Control aren’t just rehashes of other models, there are special and unique aircraft you can guide too, such as Sonic Jet’s and Zeppelin’s. Air Control also has both a classic mode and a unique puzzle game mode, which adds a slew of unique content for you to play through. Of course, after playing Air Control, you may just want to submit your high score to the online scoreboards. Air Control has that too!

Even though the pricing on this title is a bit expensive, I think you will get your monies worth if you fall into the addiction that this game is. Although there really isn’t a whole lot of maps and unique content for you to play through, you may just enjoy this title. This is definitely a casual game, as things move really slow in the game, eventually things begin to speed up, but still are pretty slow. It’s definitely not as good as its competitor “Flight Control,” but I think the HD graphics are well worth the buy. Of course, you may be undecided on that.

Flight Control has gotten a lot of good feedback from the press and users alike, which is what made me decide to take this for a spin. You can definitely tell that it is a take off of Flight Control, which originally was an iOS exclusive. Whatever the case, if you wish to buy and play this title, just hit the download link below, and it will take you straight to Google Play!

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