Fang Taipan Gaming Notebook unveiled, features Intel Core i7 CPU, 17.3″ Full HD Display

CyberPowerPC, builders of prime custom PCs and laptops, recently announced a powerful gamer’s toy—the Fang Taipan Gaming Notebook. The company takes pride on the power and graphics of this new laptop that would serve as any gamer’s company wherever. One of the ways to make the notebook build up some hype is by giving it considerably high specs and as promised, gamers would be getting Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge as the central processing unit.

There are only a few powerful gaming laptops available in the market today and majority of them are custom-built, not stock. CyberPowerPC is among the few companies that built gaming notebooks and desktops so powerful to receive more positive reviews than negative ones. Based on the specs of Fang Taipan Gaming Notebook, it is most likely to receive good feedback despite the fact that it will be marketed at a premium price.

CyberPowerPC makes this notebook as interesting as possible by making it customizable to the needs of the gamers. However, the base system is pretty impressive enough that most likely, people who would want a gaming notebook like it will not venture out to upgrading to a higher system.

The base would cost around $1,819 bringing along Clevo P370EM whitebook casing design, i7-3630QM processor, 16GB RAM, 60GB SSD, 1TB HDD, two Nvidia GTX 670M GPUs and a 17.3-inch 1920×1080-pixel display. Owners can upgrade to a i7-3940XM processor, 32GB RAM, two GTX 680M GPUs, two 512 GB SSDs and a dedicated sound card. When all specs are maxed out, gamers may be able to spend around $5000, at least.

Fang Taipan gaming laptop is a complete system with so much muscle in it. It will never fall short as far as specs are concerned and while CyberPower didn’t reveal how huge the battery would be, it is expected it would be enough to power the notebook at least, 8 hours of straight gaming. After all, the company didn’t plan to produce the sexiest gaming laptop but one of the most powerful. The name reportedly came from the venomous Australian Taipan snake.

[source: CyberPowerPC]

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