Facebook SDK For Android Updated To 3.0 Beta


The Facebook update for iOS developers happened only a couple of weeks ago, but now Facebook has completely redesigned the Android SDK, they said. These new changes have been touted as their “biggest overhaul” in the history of the SDK. The overhaul is aimed at making everything much easier and faster to develop Android applications that are able to plug into Facebook. This could also be a hint to users that the native Facebook application could be very close.

The company is also hard at work trying to create third party user interfaces a whole lot more consistent. Some of these new native UI controls pack built in caching in order to make the entire experience faster. Again, this is really making me think that the native application is getting really close to release. Otherwise, why would they release a entirely revamped SDK into beta if the native Facebook application wasn’t close to finished? Developers will also be getting the ability to integrate friend tagging and calling up nearby locations, which was just put into the most recent Facebook update.

It is also looking like new login controls to manage authentication are also meant to help apps call up your Facebook identities and then have the ability to hold onto them without having you authenticate too often, or even more than once. Messing with this could also mean the start of a few brand new embarrassing  gaffes, so you should be watching your logins from now on. On the backside of things, Facebook API calls are now able to be done in batches, which as you can imagine, helps nearly everything run a whole lot faster. Also, with the emphasis they have on smartphones coming onto Facebook, it does make a lot of sense that developers now are able to have a way to measure the clicks and installs of mobile ads.

All of that said, the Facebook SDK has really come along way since they originally released the first version of it way back in 2010. That’s almost three years ago. Boy does time fly!

source: android central