Facebook reaches 1 billion active users

Facebook became the world’s most used and the most popular social network a long time ago. But the company did not stop there. Mark Zuckerberg and team are at work almost every day of the week to improve the experience we get out of using the company’s services on the internet. And the efforts are paying off very well for the company. The company has today reached another important and massive milestone, of reaching a billion active users. Yes, the company now has one billion active users on it.

This number is double the number of active users of the network two years ago, and ten times of the number of active users four years ago. This is pretty much an exponential growth for the company. The social networking giant reports that the network now has 14 per cent of the total world population on it. Mark Zuckerberg says that each one of these users of Facebook becomes active on Facebook at least once in a month. I’m sure I and you are both daily active users.

For his company’s achievement, the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg thanked the users of Facebook for making this happen with the following statement:

“I am committed to working every day to make Facebook better for you, and hopefully together one day we will be able to connect the rest of the world too.”

Facebook’s concentration is now on improving the mobile experience of the social network, the company’s is on the mobile Facebook. This is because smart phones and tablets are becoming the primary computing and connecting devices for users today. And it is very important how a company services its users when they are on the go.

This, for sure, will need Facebook to invest a lot of money and time, which the company has already done to some extent. Now it is just to see when the company will reach its next big milestone.

Source: Mobile Burn

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