Facebook adds McAfee Mobile Security to its AV Marketplace with 7 days free trial

The Facebook AV Marketplace was started to help Facebook users to keep their online presence safe and secure. The market place offers software and apps to keep your devices safe from threats and hacks from viruses and malware. Recently, the social network added Android apps to the market place which offer security against malware. We all know that Android malware risks are increasing day by day. There are a lot of apps in the Android Play Store which are fake replicas of the most popular apps and when downloaded, send users’ data to the developers of the apps, who are by nature hackers.

The market place was recently updated to add the malware protection app from McAfee, which offers just 7 days of free trial, which is by far very less a trial period compared to other similar apps on the market place. The Register writes:

Facebook launched the AV Marketplace back in April, saying at the time that it did so in order to educate the world and help its users stay safe online. The Social Network has not disclosed how the its partnerships work on the marketplace, but says “over 30 million” folks have used the service since launch.

That the program has now been expanded to include avast!, AVG, Avira, Kaspersky, Panda, Total Defense, and Webroot shows it’s proving beneficial to Facebook (and maybe lucrative, as such arrangements are said to see software companies pay those who distribute their wares). The new six now offer free software at the Marketplace alongside launch partners Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos and Symantec.

Another impressive Android app on the market place is the Norton Mobile Security app. The app offers a lite version, which means that some of the features from the pro version will be locked, but there is no limited trial period. If you register a Norton account and sign in to the app with that account, you will be able to unlock the ‘Lock with SMS’ feature along with the default malware protection feature. If you upgrade to the full version, you will get many more features which include remote data wipe, SMS scream, tracking a lost smart phone, and much more.

Source: The Register

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