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Does the rumored LG Nexus device pass the FCC?

There have been rumors about an LG Nexus smart phone for some time now, and we have been reading about it as well. But today, there seems to be something more than just a rumor. FCC might have actually revealed the smart phone to us. Also, this smart phone may just be another LG smart phone, we have no idea for sure.

Multiple rumors have been spread on the internet than LG is working with Google to build the next Nexus device. But we do not have any solid proof for that. Even though we have some official FCC data today, we cannot be completely sure that this is a Nexus device. The device in question is the LG E960.

The LG E960 has just passed the testing at the FCC, and has provided us with some hope. To being with, the FCC filing reveals that the device will be a tri band device, not a quad band. The smart phone has been designed for the 850 / 1900 GSM bands. Several websites and blogs are under the impression that this LG E960 is the actual LG Nexus smart phone that has been rumoured till now. If so, then the earlier idea of the LG Optimus G being the LG Nexus device is going against it.

Well, the filing does prove something. The LG E960 that has reached the FCC does not seem to have a 4G LTE radio on it. But the LG Optimus G, as already announced officially, is coming to AT&T on its LTE network. Though nothing much is revealed by the filing, we do know that the LG E960 will have NFC. Near Field Communication, or NFC, is actually becoming very common in mid range and high end Android smart phones, and the iPhone is still behind in this.

Even if this is the rumoured LG Nexus device, why would the companies release the device only with an AT&T radio? So, this might just be another LG smart phone. In any case, we would soon find out the truth.

Source: Android Authority

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