CyanogenMod Team Working On Their Own Update Service, Will Get Rid Of ROM Manager In The Process

CyanogenMod is getting ready to become even better than it was before. The CyanogenMod team is looking into bringing their own OTA update system to their users. There are probably many of you right now that are thinking, “So what?” Well, if you are a CyanogenMod users, you should be pretty aware that in order to grab an update, you would usually need to use the ROM Manager, which will quickly allow users to grab updates manually to their ROMs. The issue here, is that the ROM Manager is not open source at all, unlike the Cyanogen Mod ROM itself. This can prove to have a few issues/clashes. With that said, the CyanogenMod team has decided that this has gone on long enough and as a result, have developed their own open-source updating method within their own builds. Isn’t cool to be an Android programmer? I’m often amazed when I see people do things like this. It is like, “I don’t like how this guy does things, so I am just going to integrate my own method.” Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

This newly developed OTA (Over-The-Air) update system works in a very simplistic way. It is not complicated either. The update system will not be featuring push notifications (due to that being a Google Apps framework feature), but the updater will be able to automatically check for updates for the ROM at a user-defined time period and then pull down the update once it is available (it will pull the info from the website). What is really cool is that the update will be allowing users to pull down updates whether they are official, alpha or just another nightly build. Either way, this new system is awesome and is going to be a really good step in the right direction for the Cyanogen Mod team.  Who knows, this may even encourage a ton of users to hop back on board the Cyanogen Mod train due to how less difficult things are getting.

As of right now, all we know is that this is being worked on and will be on its way pretty soon. Soon is a pretty vague term, but that really is all the information we know about it. The CyanogenMod team hasn’t given off a solid release date, so we’ll just have to keep you posted for when they do. Whatever the case, with CyanogenMod moving towards an OTA update service, this surely proves that ROMs could become a huge thing. Not that they aren’t already, but if all a user has to do is root his phone, and then not have to worry about keeping it up to date by watching forums, I can imagine that a lot of people would be happy to jump on board the CyanogenMod train. I’d definitely be interested. Of course, that is on the basis that Motorola unlocks the bootloader for the Atrix 2 anytime soon, which we all know will not happen.

source: cyanogen
via: talk android