Classic iPod now available in your browser

The Cupertino tech giant, Apple, released the portable music player – iPod, almost a decade back. And the device instantly became a hit with the users and became one of the most important revenue streams for the company. The Classic iPod helped the company go beyond the Mac computer system and explore other consumer electronics domain and then master it. There is nothing wrong even if you call the iPod a revolution. I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me on that one.

The Classic iPod was then improvised and divided into various other models, such as the iPod Nano, the iPod Shuffle, and then the more popular iPod Touch. The genius mind of Steve Jobs helped the company master the world of portable music players as well. But Steve Jobs soon realized that the world will move ahead in technology and very soon, smart phones will be strong enough to play music on the go while working on something else.

At such a time, the market for the iPod would drop, and the then CEO thought that he had to do something to prevent that from happening. So and his team designed an internet communication device and integrated that to an iPod. Hence, the iPhone came into existence. This way, the company has been able to be the leader in both the markets.

Today is the first year anniversary of that great mind, and to pay tribute to Steve Jobs, a person has designed a working Classic iPod using HTML which plays in your browser. The HTML code simulates the hardware and software of a classic iPod touch and you will be able to play music that are available on this iPod (songs which are actually available on the server on which the iPod is hosted).

The player plays very well. The quality of the music being streamed is really good. But what matters most is how people think of Steve Jobs and to what extent they go to show their love to the man.

Source: TUAW

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