Chameleon Launcher For Tablets First Impressions

I recently purchased the Chameleon Launcher, which is still in its beta stages. It essentially replaces your home screen on your tablet with elegant widgets and amazingly beautiful wallpapers. There is actually a ton of different customization options that are within this application. To start off, it is going to set you back by $10, but is entirely worth it. Chameleon will allow you to switch your default launcher with the Chameleon Launcher, which offers a whole lot more customization that the stock launcher just does not offer. Upon starting up the Chameleon Launcher, you’ll have a mini tutorial, which is basically just text that comes up on the screen telling you what you need to do.

The Chameleon Launcher is entirely based around widgets. From Facebook to Google+ to Twitter, there is so much customization when it comes to the Chameleon Launcher. For example, you can add a bunch of Google+ widgets to the first page on the Chameleon Launcher. You can have one that will show your posts, another that will show What’s Hot on Google+ and another that will show a tag of your choice. Of course, with these widgets, you need to keep in mind that they require a constant internet connection to work. By adding these widgets to your screen, you will always have the ability to be reading or watching something at any moment. You could throw a news widget on the Launcher, and after unlocking your device, you can just read straight from your home screen.

One of the awesome things about this, is it actually has a widget API for you to create your own widgets to eventually share with the users and community surrounding the Chameleon Launcher. The developer hasn’t integrated the “Widget Marketplace” yet, but will be in the near future. Overall everything is working extremely well, and thus far I haven’t experienced any real bugs or errors. Having the ability to do everything from my home screen is pretty awesome. It removes the need to open every individual app and check up on things. Again, this is going to set you back by $10, but in my opinion, and with the amount of developer support it has thus far, Chameleon Launcher is entirely worth the $10. Not to mention that any of your friends or family who takes a look at your tablet will be shocked and amazed with the glorious  home screen. Everyone loves some customization, am I right!?

If you want to pick it up, you can just head on over to Google Play and take a look for yourself. There isn’t a ton to say about the launcher yet, as they are still hard at work on it, so there are fixes and new features on the way. I may do a proper review of this in the future when Chameleon Launcher is entirely ready for a full fledged review. This Launcher has a ton of potential, and I am really excited to see where it will go to as development progresses.

Chameleon Launcher