BlackBerry lost another major US company

BlackBerry smart phones were once considered the best choice for businessmen, the reason was simply that it provided easy access to corporate email accounts, and it was really secure. But recently, the company has been losing out on all its market share. Last month, Yahoo was the company to ditch BlackBerry smart phones in favour of Android smart phones, iPhones, and even Windows Phone based smart phone. The new CEO of the company, Marissa Mayer, sent out an email to all the employees of the company that they were being offered new smart phones, and that they should use smart phone which their customers used. That means leaving out BlackBerry from the list, and that was done very cruelly.

Today, Bloomberg reports that another major United States company has closed the curtains on BlackBerry. The government consulting company, Booz Allen, will be moving over to Android and iOS based smart phones for all of its 25,000 employees, terminating the use of BlackBerry for its official purposes, according to a Booz Allen spokesperson. Not just this, the dedicated BlackBerry server that the company has will be decommissioned. So even if you bring your personal BlackBerry device to the office, you will not be able to reach your email inbox on it.

Research in Motion (RIM), the maker of BlackBerry, on the other hand, is working hard on bringing itself up in the market. The company is heavily counting on its new and improved BlackBerry 10 operating system to do magic. But if the number of clients or customers for the company keeps dropping like this, there would be no hope for the company.

Last year, BlackBerry faced problems from government agencies in various countries regarding access to their servers to monitor for illegal activities. And since BlackBerry did not allow this to happen, its services were banned in a few countries. It is to see how the company will do in the market after it releases is BlackBerry 10 operating system based smart phones.

Source: Web Pro News