BlackBerry 10 Shows Off New Ways To Handle Notifications Through Leaked Slides

They call it Cinnamon Toast and French Toast, which will be providing the user with a few different unique ways for users to interact with notifications that will pop up on a users device. For those of you that don’t speak Blackberry or RIM lingo, typically their various toasts are referring to simple notifications that come in a small pop-up window.

The first being Cinnamon Toast, RIM has actually taken hold of a really cool way for handling a message when it comes in. When a message arrives on your device, the user is alerted, as is standard. After the user picks up their BlackBerry phone and begins tilting it to view said notification, the message provides a more revealing preview of the message. After the handset reaches an exact angle of 45 degrees, the whole message preview is then displayed. This revealing preview feature is both continuous and reversible, so once you’ve seen enough of the message, you have the ability to place your BlackBerry device back on the desk and the revealed message will then disappear in the same way that it had originally appeared. Definitely a cool feature and is also pretty unique compared to what our current handsets offer. No doubt that Apple or Google will try to somehow incorporate a type of this feature into their respective OS’ in the future.

French Toast is actually something that users have secretly wanted since forever. The French Toast strives to solve the “stupidness” you feel after accidentally deleting a received message. French Toast is an interactive response to deleting a message that does not require your consent or confirmation the delete like other interactions might require of you. The notification will essentially just allow you to very easily undo the delete if you so choose to. It’s like undoing something on your PC. You simply press Ctrl+Z to undo a mistake, it is literally that easy. The alert will remain for a mere 3 seconds and will then disappear when you begin to do something else. You will also be able to place the notification on different parts of the screen as well, which again, is another cool feature.

Most everyone has known that the new BlackBerry 10 was going to be very centered around gestures from users, and now we are getting a glimpse not just about the gestures of your hand, but gestures on how you hold the device, and available interactions after you execute a gesture. This is definitely some exciting and interesting stuff, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing how these features will improve in the future. BlackBerry 10 is really shaping up to be something interesting, and actually may give some of the other OS’ a run for the money depending on what its full capabilities are.

Any thoughts on these new Cinnamon Toast and French Toast features that BlackBerry has shown off in the leaked pictures? On a side note, are you interested in getting a BlackBerry 10 device? Let us know in the comments below!

source: phone arena

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