Black 16 GB iPad Mini sold out in 35 hours

When the Cupertino tech giant announced the iPad Mini a few days back, many people thought that the smaller tablet would not do any good, as the competitors to the tablet in the 7 inch tablet market from Google and Amazon are priced at $199, compared to the entry level $329 tablet from Apple. But I do not think that is the case. Even though the iPad is costlier than its Android counterparts, the tablet sold out in minutes after it went live online for pre orders. The white version of the mini tablet sold out like hot cake.

Today, Apple has indicated that the Black and Slate version of the 16 GB Wi Fi only version of the iPad Mini is sold out as well, that is only 35 hours of being available online for pre orders. You can guess how much demand there is for the tablet. Also, the indicated availability for delivery time for the Black and Slate version of the miniature tablet is two weeks now. The company has run out of the first set of supplies from its Chinese manufacturers, and those who have ordered a bit lately, will have to just wait till the company gets the next set of units for delivery.

There have been reports this week that the production at its Chinese partners’ factories has decreased, due to several reasons. And the Cupertino tech giant is juggling a bunch of companies for its display unit supplied, keeping Samsung in the loop (I guess) and also buying units from Sharp and LG. Also, there is a news that Apple has stopped giving orders to the South Korean tech giant for its processors. There is a new supplier for that as well.

Plus, the company’s tightened quality checks means that there are very less display units coming out of the factories in China, thereby reducing the number of iPads that are being released to the market. So as the number of pre orders for the iPad Mini increases, the delivery time for these iPad Minis is expected to increase.

Source: Apple Insider

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