AT&T Samsung ATIV Smart PC Windows 8 tablet

AT&T has announced yet another Windows 8 tablet that it will be releasing very soon. The tablet in question is the Samsung ATIV Smart PC. This tablet does not carry the Galaxy brand as it is not an Android tablet, but a Windows 8 tablet. The Samsung ATIV Smart PC comes with a beautiful 11.6 inch display, which is really good for browsing the internet, watching movies and videos, viewing photos, and even reading books.

On the processing front, the Samsung ATIV Smart PC comes with an Intel Clover Trail 1.5 GHz processor, which is a dual core processor. This does sound a bit standard with a dual core processor. But the Asus Vivo Tab, which is another Windows 8 tablet that AT&T is releasing, comes with a quad core processor. So the Samsung ATIV Smart PC can be expected to come with a price tag less than the Asus Vivo Tab.

The ATIV Smart PC comes with 64 GB of online storage, which is also a standard. This will be enough for storing most of the multimedia content that a user needs. But if you think this is not enough storage, then you can expand the storage with a microSD card slot. Also, to match the offerings of the Asus VivoTab, the Samsung Smart PC will also come with an optional keyboard dock.

For those of you who want to edit your documents on the go, Samsung ships the tablet with Office 2013 pre installed, a 30 day trial version though. The built quality of the Samsung Smart PC is very good, comparable to the built quality of the Galaxy Note 10.1.

But one thing that Samsung tablet lovers would miss is the S Pen. There is no news whether the South Korean tech giant will include the S Pen with the Smart PC. Possibly, the answer is no. Anyway, the tablet will be on sale in time for the holiday season. And the price of the device is not yet announced.

Source: GSM Arena

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  1. ATT has the ATIV on their website but it’s a horrible deal. They do not include the keyboard or the s-pen and are asking $799 for it. To top it off they do not have the keyboard for sale in their accessories. Neither the local rep or the chat rep online could tell me how soon they will have them on sale or for how much. The same tablet with keyboard and s-pen is on display at the local Wal-Mart for the same price. I think ATT will lose a lot of business on this one.

  2. This has a S-Pen according to every other site apart from you.

    Are you sure you are not talking about the 10.1 version?

    The larger 11.6 models both have S-Pen

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