Atrix 2 And Atrix 4G Eligible For Motorola Trade-Up Program, Motorola Updates Software Upgrade Page

We’re heading out of the work week and into the weekend, and what’s not a better way to end the work week with infuriating Motorola users once again? It turns out that Motorola Mobility has decided to yet again, update their Android software upgrades page. This time they have filled it with a lot of details for the U.S devices and their respective Android 4.1 Jelly Bean rollout. It’s a big list, and is also starting to get confusing, so you should make sure to take a look at the source link below to get an entire understanding of it.

As of today, if your phone or tablet (United States only) is not on this list, the Jelly Bean update will not be coming to your handset. Of course, Motorola still says a lot of things are under evaluation, and are subject to change at this moment. Once again, these updates for the United States handsets exclusively. Motorola hasn’t said anything about the devices in the rest of the would as of yet, but if you’re looking at the list, it is extremely easy to see that the rest of the world will most likely not be getting the update either. I mean seriously, if the Atrix 4G got the update to Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean even, some people here in the United States would seriously be angry.

If your phone was created after the Bionic, it is likely that you will be getting the update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. If not, well, you can only hope that your handset will be able to meet Motorola’s requirements for their trade-up program. On another note, if you look at the list, you will see that the Atrix 4G and Atrix 2 have been confirmed to not receive Jelly Bean at all, which means that Motorola has entirely stopped with future updates for the phone. Thankfully, it is eligible for Motorola’s trade-in program, so you can get a $100 rebate towards a new Motorola phone. Of course, if you are on AT&T and want to get off of the Atrix bandwagon, you’re basically screwed in that area because the Atrix HD is the only Motorola phone on AT&T available for the trade-in program. Just fantastic, huh? Of course, if you are on Big Red (Verizon), you have a slew of new options, and honestly, if I were you, I would probably be a little kid in a candy store right now. Boy, does that Droid Razr M look like a beauty.

Again, make sure to take a look at the full list so you can get an idea of what is eligible for the program and what isn’t. While your there, you mine as well also look and see which phones are getting Jelly Bean before making a final decision on which phone you choose. Still, it is expected that all of Motorola’s new phones will be getting the update.

All of that said, go ahead and vent. Fill the comments with your terror, and righteous anger.

source: Android Central, Motorola

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