Are E-Book Readers Worth Purchasing Anymore?

When I say e-Book readers, I’m talking about devices like the Nook Color or Kindle Paperwhite. I’m not talking about things like the Kindle Fire HD or the Nook Tablet, because those are not e-Readers, they are tablets. With that out of the way, a lot of us like purchasing tablets because of all the amazing and cool things that they are able to do. One of those things that tablets are able to do, is take on the role of an e-Reader with various apps like Kindle or NOOK. The only reason I would ever purchase an e-Reader is to simply stay organized and keep all my books in one place instead of on a bunch of different apps on my tablet. Aside from that, there really is no other need for a e-Reader is there?

As we move forward with technology e-Readers just aren’t “in,” so to speak. They can be, if they would advance more in technology, but I really don’t think we are headed that way with a lot of companies just focusing on the tablet market. Amazon and Barnes & Noble, two huge companies in the book industry, aren’t really creating e-Readers. If you look, all of their new stuff is based around tablets (excluding the Paperwhite). You can go to Barnes & Noble’s website right now and see that they don’t have any new e-Readers, its all tablets based around the Android platform. With that said, this brings me to the question, Are e-Readers really worth your time, and are they even worth purchasing?

Yes and no.

If you’ve purchased a budget tablet, something small like the Google Nexus 7, and want to keep that limited storage space for apps, movies and other things, a e-Reader is probably worth looking into on the basis that you are an avid reader. If you aren’t an avid reader, it is really easy to just pull up a webpage with information you need, or even a e-Reader app integrated in the web. There’s just not a reason to really get an e-Reader if you aren’t avid about reading. Books don’t take a lot of space on your tablet, but you can imagine that it will add up if your an avid reader. So, it might be worth it to get one if you’re looking to save space on something like a Nexus 7 that does not have an SD card.

Now, we could just say getting an e-Reader isn’t worth it at all. Why spend $200 on an e-Reader when for an extra $20 you could get a full fledged tablet from Barnes and Noble? To me, e-Readers have really become irrelevant, especially with the most recent offerings from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. If you are able to get something with expandable storage, getting an e-Reader is just not worth it. That is, unless you are not willing to jump on the tablet bandwagon with all of the games and the “Facebooks.” At that point, you mine as well grab one.

Thoughts? Are e-Readers worth it to you, despite all of the new tablet technology that is out?

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