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Archos Arnova Gbook unveiled

Archos is very well known in the Android world for releasing an inexpensive entry level or low end Android tablets. There are many such tablets released by the company which have been taken pretty well by the customer base. But the company has not yet been able to release a very good specked Android tablet. To add to the line up of Android tablets, the company has announced another tablet, the Arnova GBook.

The Arnova GBook is not completely a tablet, but a mixture of a tablet and an ebook, more of an ebook. The company has concentrated on making this device more of an ebook, so it has stripped many things off a tablet. For example, the device does not feature the official Google Android Play Store. So you will not be able to enjoy the hundreds of thousands of apps available in the Play Store.

The device comes with a 1 GHz Cortex A8 processor, a bit out dated, but that is what you get on an entry level Android device. To complement this processor, the device comes with 1 GB of RAM. So you will be able to multi task to some level, but there is no idea to what level you can multitask.

The Archos GBook has a 7 inch display with a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels. This resolution is not proper for reading books on a device. So the use of the device as a serious ebook reader will be difficult. Also, multimedia consumption on the device will be a pain.

Anyway, if you want to consume multimedia on the device, you get 4 GB of on board memory, which is pretty much standard for an entry level tablet. But you can always expand this with a microSD card. On the connectivity front, the device comes with USB 2.0 port and Wi Fi. But there is no news about a Bluetooth module present on the device. Also, there is a front facing camera on the device, probably a VGA camera. The pricing of the device is not yet announced. So you will have to a bit longer to get your hands on the device.

Source: Android Authority

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