Apple’s warranty practice “unacceptable” in the EU

The European Union is strict when it comes some company not abiding by its rules. Same is the case with Apple right now. Apple has been providing its European users with 1 year of warranty just like elsewhere in the world, but according to EU provision, manufacturers of such goods should provide 2 years of free warranty to its users. EU shoppers’ have the right to avail two-year warranty with purchase of its products.

It looks like EU officials aren’t really happy about what Apple has been doing all these years. The European Union’s head of the Justice Commission has reportedly requested the member countries to check into this matter and investigate if Apple has been properly advertising EU shoppers’ right to a two year warranty with purchase of its products.

According to the report , this is what Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding said to member nations:
‘Apple prominently advertised that its products come with a one-year manufacturer warranty but failed to clearly indicate the consumers’ automatic and free-of-cost entitlement to a minimum two-year guarantee under EU law,’ Reding said to ministers in the letter, which was obtained by Bloomberg News. ‘These are unacceptable marketing practices.’

It has to be noted that the Cupertino based technology giant has already been fined over this issue in Italy last year. From Apple’s incident, we know that Italy is the most aggressive country when it comes to product warranties. Apple does give additional warranty under AppleCare, but that definitely comes with a price, whereas Italy requires all the companies to give at least 2 years of product coverage for free. Italy’s Competition and Market Guarantor Authority (AGCM) initially threatened to fine Apple with 300,000 euros (about $377,500) over this matter, but Apple didn’t do anything to solve the issue within 30 days and as a result, in December, the US based company was asked to pay 400,000 euros for not explaining the two-year warranty guarantee to Italian consumers. In addition, Apple was also ordered to pay 500,000 euros to the Italian exchequer for providing AppleCare product without explaining customers about their rights. Like every other court case, Apple appealed in the court, and it lost. Apple had around 10 retail stores in the country at that time.

Recently, the Italian government said that it would ban Apple from selling its products on the Italian soil if it didn’t comply with the land laws and pay the fines it was levied with. So far, Apple hasn’t taken any steps publicly to fix this issue, nevertheless, the issue seems to have gone out of hands for Apple and the company has deal with not just Italy, but all the countries in the European Union because European Union’s legal arm appears to have taken the matter into its own hand.

Apple is always seen scoring important legal battles at home, but the same isn’t the case internationally. Do you think Apple will agree to comply with EU laws by providing 2 years of free warranty? Let us know using the comment form below.

Source: PhoneArena