Apple’s turn by turn navigation delayed in Australia

Apple’s new Maps app that the company launched with the new iOS 6 was never a success. Right from the day of launch, the Cuperitno tech giant has been getting complaints from users who have been using the Maps app. The company decided to stop offering its old Maps app which was powered by Google’s Maps engine, and decided to provide its own mapping solution, which led to the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, signing a written apology letter to the company’s customers.

Today, the company has announced that the turn by turn navigation that was scheduled to launch in Australia this month, has been delayed. The reason for the delay is quite obvious, the app is not yet ready to offer proper directions or instructions when it comes to taking a turn to reach the specified destination.

The turn by turn navigation feature of the Apple Maps is available in 52 countries right now, and the company has not specified when it will be releasing the feature again in Australia. But the company’s official website does mention that it will be released in November only. Slash Gear writes, “Back when it was first released in Australia, Apple Maps fubared quite a few landmarks and locations with incorrect placement and wrong names.”

“The original feature, Directions, which differs from turn-by-turn, had the peculiar habit of sending drivers towards bodies of water and the sides of buildings, and other places cars should not venture,” the online publication writes. “This same issue is now marring turn-by-turn, with users (outside of Australia) reporting that it often gives the wrong instructions.”

The future of Apple’s Maps app does not seem to be bright, at least for the near future. But the Cupertino tech giant is definitely working hard on the app to make it as accurate as it can get. Slash Gear refers to a source which says that the departure of Scott Forstall from the company is still due, which is causing the delay in the release of turn by turn navigation in Australia.

Source: Slash Gear

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