Apple’s iOS 6 Maps supports offline data

It is true that Apple’s own mapping system introduced in the new iOS 6 operating system has a lot of flaws. The maps app does not show the routes properly, and is often spoken ill of by its users. But technologically speaking, the new maps app is way ahead of the company’s previous offer, the maps app in iOS 5. The new maps app makes use of the vector maps, which is mathematically described, resolution independent map information rather than static bitmapped pictures of map tiles.

This vector map “enables fast, sophisticated navigation of 2D and 3D views with fluid panning, rotation and perspective, in contrast to the flat, static map images provided by Apple’s previous version of the app.”

The smart phone downloads the data much quickly when it uses vector maps as compared to the traditional maps. Hence, the data used by the smart phone will be comparatively less, up to 80% less according to tests. Also, this uses less batter, as the work is completed fairly quickly. Hence, the new maps app which comes with iOS 6 allows you to browse the maps and use it in real time, even when you are offline. Apple Insider explains its experience:

The efficient outlines can also work offline far further after you lose your data connection. For example, while iOS 5 Maps would load Google’s map tiles of the immediate area being browsed at a couple zoom levels for offline browsing (generally less than a 10 mile radius), Apple’s new vector maps, once loaded in San Francisco, allowed us to browse an entire continent of high level maps (state outlines) while offline, north from Anchorage, Alaska to Lima, Peru and from Honolulu, Hawaii to Montréal, Canada.

At a highway level detail, we could actually navigate most of California, and on a simplified level, the western half of the United States. There were detailed street-level maps available of areas we’d never even looked at while online, as far away as Salt Lake City, Utah (about 740 miles or 1200 km east). Thanks to vectors, you can even view these offline maps in 3D perspective.

Are you excited at least now about the new iOS 6 Maps app? If so, try this out and let us know what you experienced.

Source: Apple Insider