Apple trying to distance its from Samsung’s chips

Apple and Samsung have been fighting and shouting at each other from almost a couple of years over patents. The Cupertino tech giant has sued Samsung over patent issues in about 10 countries around the world. So that means that the two companies have become enemies, or something like that, rivals in the world of technology. The two companies did make a history which will forever be written down in the books of ‘History of Technology’, if something like that exists. But you would be surprised to know, if you already do not, that the two companies are working together on different departments of both the companies.

For instance, Apple is the biggest client that Samsung Electronics has when it comes to chip manufacturing. Samsung manufactures a lot of chips for the Cupertino tech giant which the company uses in its iPhones, iPads, and even iPods. If Apple was ever to take this business away from Samsung, that would be a very big drop in the revenue that the company makes. And there is an indication that this is happening right now.

According to the reports published today by Mac Rumors and CNET, Apple is already working on shaking hands with another company for manufacturing the chips it needs and drop the partnership with Samsung. As an industry source put it to CNET:

“The Apple-Samsung relationship has deteriorated to such a poor point that they’re just looking to fill contractual obligations, then make a change.”

Gizmodo writes:

That change, it seems, is moving to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company at 20 nanometers, a company that no doubt considers the giant’s business a huge boon. There are also rumors that Apple and Intel have been in talks when it comes to more advanced 14 nanometer production, though that seems further off.

Such changes will not happen in just one day. But we can be pretty sure that the change is in the happening.

Source: Gizmodo

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