Apple to talk about iPad educational applications at tomorrow’s event

We know that Apple is hosting an event in San Jose tomorrow, at which the Cupertino tech giant is expected to unveil the and smaller 7.85 inch iPad Mini. We have seen a lot of rumors about the iPad Mini and have seen many leaked images of fake iPad Minis. But today, there is a news that the Cupertino tech giant is going to talk and showcase the benefits of using its tablet in the educational field. That is something interesting.

According to an article on Bloomberg’s Businessweek, “a person with knowledge of the planning” of the event has said that the Cupertino tech giant will be introducing the new iPad Mini and promoting it with an education perspective. This can work out like magic for the company which has already sold the expensive iPad to many schools and colleges already. The iPad is used extensively in the education industry with schools going to the extent of buying an iPad for every individual student and staff in the school.

There are other players in the market as well, such as Amazon with its Android based budget tablet, the Kindle Fire, along with free Whispercast mobile device management platform.

The smaller 7.85 inch iPad Mini is expected to retail at around $230, which is a good $170 less than the new third generation iPad, and at $70 cheaper than the iPad 2, which is still doing well in the market. So most of the universities which have not yet adopted the digital education system in their teaching might start thinking of buying the tablets. And the schools and universities which have already bought the second generation iPad 2 or the third generation iPad might buy more iPad Minis.

I think the Cupertino tech giant will be successful in selling a lot of iPad Minis if it takes this perspective on marketing.

Source: Techcrunch

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