Apple to expand iPhone production to Foxconn subsidiary

If you are an Apple loyal fan and follow the company’s news every day, you would know that the Cupertino tech giant has been getting complaints from its iPhone 5 users lately that the new iPhone 5’s being shipped have scratches, even when they are opened for the first time from the box. That is not a good feedback at all. This issue has been routed back to the material used to make the chassis of the new iPhone 5. The soft aluminium that is used to make the new iPhone 5 is said to be very soft that only a handful of the manufactured chassis make it out of the tightened security checks.

Foxconn Technologies, which is the company that manufactures these aluminium chassis is said to have been slowed down the production due to very low number of chassis clearing the security checks. After the complaints started coming in, Apple reportedly tightened the security checks at Foxconn. And now, according to today’s fresh rumors, the Cupertino tech giant has extended the production of the iPhone 5 to Foxconn International Holding, which is a subsidiary of Foxconn Technologies.

Foxconn International Holdings is already a smart phone manufacturer for many companies including Nokia, Huawei, and ZTE. Slash Gear writes:

Foxconn International Holdings is a subsidiary of Foxconn Technology. If the rumor were true, this would mark the first time Foxconn International Holdings has had an Apple partnership. Reports indicate that shares in Foxconn International Holdings rose within 10% after a brokerage report claiming the company could start manufacturing a version of the iPhone within the next few months.

But there are a couple of things not included in this new rumor, when will Foxconn International Holding start manufacturing the iPhones? And which version of the iPhone will the company manufacture, will it be the iPhone 5, or the next generation iPhone, probably the iPhone 5?

Source: Slash Gear