Apple Store down just before iPad Mini pre order starts

Even before the iPad Mini was officially announced, a market for the miniature iPad was ready, ready to buy out as many units of the iPad Mini as it can. The smaller version of the popular tablet was announced by the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, on the 23rd of this month, and said that the iPad Mini will be available for pre order on the company’s online store starting 26th of this month, most likely at midnight PST/3AM EST. But people who are trying to pre order their iPad Minis are welcomed to the online store with a rather sad message, the usual “We’ll be back.” Yes, the Apple Online Store is down on the eve of iPad Mini pre orders.

If you want to know about the miniature tablet once more before pouring your money to the company’s back account, the iPad Mini features a 7.9 inch touch screen display with a resolution of 1, 024 x 768 pixels. That’s exactly the same resolution you find on the second generation iPad, but the small display size means that you get a higher pixel density. Also, this means that the iPad Mini does not have the Retina display that the new iPad, or the iPad 3 features.

The iPad Mini runs on the Apple A5 chip, which is also based on the ARM architecture. The tablet weighs only 0.68lbs and is just 7.2mm thick, or thin, in whatever way you want to put it. Apple also claims that the tablet will give you 10 hours of battery backup and you are welcome to test that.

The Wi Fi only 16 GB version of the mini table will sell for $329, which is the cheapest iPad Mini you can get. The 32 GB version of the Wi Fi only model will cost you $429. The 64 GB Wi Fi only model of the iPad Mini will set you back by $529. If you want connectivity on the go, you can get the 4G version of the iPad Mini, the 16 GB 4G iPad Mini will cost you $459, 32 GB will be $559, and the 64 GB 4G version will come with a price tag of $659.

When Steve Jobs was the head of the company, he thought that 7 inch display for a tablet is very small. And now that Tim Cook has come up with that, he has something to say about it.

“The comments that I think you’re referencing are comments that Steve had made before about seven inch tablets. And, let me be clear, we would not make one of the seven inch tablets. We don’t think they’re good products, and we would never make oneThe iPad mini is a fantastic product. It is not a compromised product like the seven inch tablets. It’s in a whole different league.”

Source: Slashgear

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