Apple releases two iPad Mini vidoes on YouTube

Now that the iPad Mini is announced, a lot of people who have missed the event are very eager to watch the event coverage, but for non iOS users, that is being very difficult. Windows users have also tried to watch the event live on YouTube, but Apple did not let that happen. But now, there are two videos which the Cupertino tech giant has uploaded to YouTube, and you can watch these videos on any device and any operating system you want.

The first video is a small 36 second video which showcases the all new Smart Cover for the 7.9 inch iPad Mini. The Cupertino tech giant says that the Smart Cover has been reengineered for the iPad Mini, well, that is up for debate for sure. The video features different colors of the iPad Mini Smart Covers in tune with a piano. The Smart Cover for your new iPad Mini is available in a selection of colors, “pink, green, blue, light gray, dark gray and (PRODUCT) RED,” mentions Leanna Lofte of iMore.

The second video is a lengthier 4.45 minute videos which is about “Introducing iPad Mini.” Apple’s Jony Ive, Michael Tchao, and Dan Ricco talk about different aspects of the design and engineering of the iPad Mini. They tell you how awesome the new iPad Mini is. The video shows off features such as Face Time HD, iBooks, iMovie, and others. The video also tells that the iPad Mini will give the user a full 10 hour battery backup.

The video also tells that the iPad Mini will not run iPhone apps, but will be able to run 275,000 apps designed especially for the iPads. That means that all the apps that run on the regular size iPad will run on the iPad Mini, and exactly the way they run on the iPad 2, as the screen resolution of the iPad 2 and the iPad Mini are the same. The video also says that the smaller bezel of the iPad Mini was designed to make one handed operation of the tablet possible. Watch the video below for more info.

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