Apple iPad Mini Will Not Beat Kindle Fire HD Or Nook HD

Of course the iPad Mini is going to sell well just because Apple has millions of fanboys backing what they are doing. What I’m talking about is that the iPad Mini will not best the new Kindle Fire HD or any of the Nook HD devices. Apple’s entry into the “budget” tablet market seems to be rather mediocre with new iPad Mini priced at a whopping $329 when you can get more for your money by purchasing a Nexus 7 for a mere $200. As with most iOS devices, the only reason it is going to sell well is because of the millions of fanboys Apple has.

Aside from Google’s Nexus 7, Barnes & Noble and Amazon have done a fantastic job at creating some very robust and easy to use tablets for an extremely affordable price. Despite Apple announcing that they were going to have an event to announce a few new devices, the Kindle Fire HD continued to sell well. So much so that Amazon announced it to be a best selling product the other day. What does Apple really offer in the iPad Mini aside from some minor processor and graphics upgrades? Nothing at all. Should I even have to mention that the iPad Mini could potentially cost you $659 if you want Wi-Fi and 4G LTE capabilities as well? This is not an entry into the budget market, this is trying to monetize your fanboys as much as you can.

The Kindle Fire HD and the Barnes & Noble Nook HD will still sit at their thrones, Apple will not be taking their place anytime soon. The iPad Mini offers nothing that the Kindle Fire HD or Nook HD offers, all the iPad Mini is is a smaller version of the regular iPad. There are no parenting controls that Amazon offers, there are no revolutionary Wi-Fi speeds, and there are no advanced speaker systems even. No. All the iPad Mini is is an smaller version of the iPad. Apple’s idea that they can compete with Google’s Nexus 7, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD and Barnes & Noble’s Nook HD is ridiculous. What they have released here is an inept attempt at trying to break into the budget tablet industry.

I’m not against Apple, but the quality of devices they have been producing have been below abysmal. Due to their inept and in-creative attempts at trying to revolutionize something as of late, Android is far ahead in this market, and when BlackBerry 10 releases, RIM will probably pass up Apple as well. Actually, RIM will pass Apple up if they keep going in the direction that they are going. There is no “maybe” about it. Apple just isn’t hard to beat anymore due to their lack of creativity as of late.

Apple, you need to hunker down and go back to the drawing board. Create something we don’t already have like you originally did in 2007 with the first true smartphone. What you’re producing right now is mediocre and really isn’t benefiting the market as a whole. I want to see all companies succeed, but producing junk like this isn’t getting you anywhere.

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  1. Amazon offers a far superior media experience. Amazon and AmazonPrime blows anything apple has out of the water. And really price? There’s a reason why FireHD’s sails went through the roof in record numbers when Apple announced the prices of the mini. Nothing like trying to compete in the world of affordable tablets by making your product at least 65% (and up to over 3 time ) the price.

  2. This has nothing to do with “Budget”. This is Apple trying to close a hole in their current iPad/iPhone lineup. I think Apple has a potentially bigger problem. Which iPad do you buy? The mini is going to sell well. Portability and the fact that is exactly like it’s larger brother are going eat into iPad sales. For media content watchers and users the Amazon Kindle combines NetFlix like movie watching and Music cloud services for over $100.00 less. The Google Nexus does the same plus it is a more “computer like” device than the Kindle.
    The Ho-Hum iPhone 5 and now the iPad Mr. Jobs said he’d “never” make. What’s happening to Apples ground breaking innovation?

  3. I can not believe that apples introduction to the “budget” tablet class is no where near a budget price….$329 is a a joke I mean really apple doesn’t know what budget means apparently. It does not surprise me that apple lovers are gonna go camp out for this over priced product like they always do. apple knows their fans are naive enough to pay the ridicules prices!!!

  4. RIM? Really? I thought I was reading this on The Onion.

    “…the only reason it is going to sell well is because of the millions of fanboys Apple has.”

    Uh, no. This statement and the article above completely ignore the white elephant in the room: the Apple ecosystem. What the iPad Mini does is offer iOS, the App Store, iTunes, and a whole commercial environment to a whole new audience. Not only are existing iPad and iPhone users pre-ordering the Mini in droves, but it will open the door for many new customers who shied away from the iPad because of price, and yes, size. These new customers will buy apps, music, movies, books and Apple licensed accessories in numbers that Amazon, Barnes, and especially RIM will only be able to dream of. The fact is that the iPad and iPad Mini blur the line between laptop and portable; they are so much more than book readers. So yes, consumers will expect to pay a smidgen more for them because of the rich ecosystem what Apple has built around the hardware.

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