Apple iPad mini production starts in China


Apple’s so-called iPad Mini is one of the most anticipated tablet devices this year, and it’s not surprising at all as all the Apple products are generally awe-inspiring and since Apple has a huge fan base, any device which they manufacture just sells.

The iPad mini is an iteration of Apple’s popular tablet device, the Apple iPad. As the name says, it will be smaller than the current iPad and is rumored to feature a 7.85 inch LCD display instead of the bigger 9.7 inch display that is found on currently available iPad models. Though the screen is substantially smaller, it is said that it will have a resolution which will match the one that is on the first and second-gen iPad, but less than the latest iPad.

Steve Jobs once popularly said that 3.5 inch handset size was the “sweet spot” for mobile phone design; big enough to produce detailed, legible graphics, but small enough to fit comfortably in the hand and pocket. He also said that 7 inch tablet were too small for a pleasant experience and said that such devices were “useless” unless manufacturers included “sandpaper so users can sand their fingers down to a quarter of their size”. Those are pretty strong words. We have already seen the new iPhone 5 which features a 4 inch display instead of the 3.5 inch that is found on all the iPhones from the past. It looks like Apple has finally realized that 3.5 inch isn’t the sweet spot after all and bigger screen is better to maintain its position in the competition. Same is the case with the tablet business, and looks like Apple has finally realized the potential of 7 inch tablet market.

Recently, Macotakara reported that the production of Apple iPad mini had kicked off in an unnamed Brazilian factory that is believed to be owned by Foxconn. Foxconn and Apple have close ties from very long and the company produces Apple iPhone and Apple iPad in China. Previously this year, Foxconn had opened up the factory in Brazil and that factory where the new devices are rumored to be produced is believed to be the same.

We took that news with a grain of salt, but this time there is another rumor which comes from a more credible source. According to Wall Street Journal, the so-called iPad mini is now being manufactured at Apple’s biggest manufacturing partners in China. WSJ has a great track record when it comes to rumors, but a rumor remains a rumor until an official announcement is made and therefore we will take this one with a grain of salt as well.

It’s great that Apple is looking forward to capitalize a market where many new players are trying to capture the demand. The word on the internet is that Apple will send out invitations for a press event regarding the new iPad mini on October 10th. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think iPad mini will make the 7 inch tablet market more interesting? Let us know using the comment form below.

Source: WSJ