Apple iPad Mini Bezel Has The Ability To Detect “Resting Thumbs”

It has been a wonder as to how exactly Apple is wanting or even expects their users to hold their newly announced iPad Mini. There has been some very awkward attempts floating around the internet when trying to hold the device with one hand. At least there has been a little bit of information revealed on Apple’s website (thanks to Phone Arena for revealing this) explaining how the Apple iPad Mini is able to detect when a user has what they call¬†resting thumbs on the device. As you can see, the description is very vague as to what they are referring too.

The explanation isn’t very clear at all, it simply states that — and I paraphrase — the iPad Mini will be intelligently recognizing where your thumb is resting on the display of the iPad Mini, and whether you are interacting with the iPad Mini or not. This sounds to be a similar move that the Android platform had around a year ago where the surrounding community basically yelled at Google for including such a thing. The only clear thing about the message is that it is clear to assume that the iPad Mini will be ignoring a finger that is resting on the edge of the screen, as the Bezel is the only thing that has the ability to detect these resting thumbs. What isn’t clear about this cryptic explanation, is what will actually happen if said resting thumb stays there when another finger will come to interact with the device to turn a page on a magazine, or even create a few actions in an app. Apple may have not been thinking extremely clear on this here.

It does make that that it would just act like a single input gesture. We’re just going to have to see what actually happens when the iPad Mini is available for use next week. So far, no other Apple iPad or Apple device has done this before , at least not that we know of. Of course, if that were the case, we would probably know already as there is always that suspicious guy out there researching and looking for this stuff before purchasing such a device from really any technology company.

To be honest, despite my hatred for Apple’s draconic business practices, I am quite interested in the iPad Mini, but am not very sure on purchasing the device yet. I’m actually still more interested in some of the new Nook tablets as opposed to the iPad Mini, which for some reason is more expensive than these “budget” Nook and Amazon tablets. I’d definitely take it if I got it for free though, as would most of you reading this!

Is anyone going to be picking up their own iPad Mini when it launches on November 2nd, or is this just another rendition of the iPad that you, once again, are not interested in like a lot of people have decided thus far? Let us know in the comments below!
source: phone arena