Apple iPad 2 Still Has No Siri, But The Apple iPad Mini Does?

To sum up my thoughts on the iPad Mini: Oh? Apple is releasing a new iPad? That’s pretty…cool.

Any of you that are getting your wallets ready for the Apple iPad Mini when it launches on November 2nd should be happy to find out that the OEM’s voice activated personal assistant Siri, will thankfully be supported by this miniature version of an iPad. On the flip side of things, those that are still rocking the iPad 2 still remain without Siri. This could also be a sign that Apple might be in the works of offering their second-gen tablet as a offering to users who are on a budget. If that is indeed the case, the iPad 2 will probably stay in the production lineup until they decide to release the next full sized model next year. And yes, we are expecting Apple to release another minimal mediocre iPad next year sadly.

When you compare the iPad Mini to the iPad 2, the differences between the two are a whole lot more than just the lack of the personal voice assistant Siri. Despite the larger screen of the iPad 2, all of the other specifications are very much in favor of the newly announced iPad Mini, which is set to release on November 2nd. The resolution of the screen that is on the iPad Mini is the same resolution that you can find on the Apple iPad 2’s display screen, so, despite the size differences the resolution still remains the same. The only thing is, with the small screen size on the iPad Mini, the latter’s pixel density sits at 162ppi which happens to top the original 132ppo on some of their older devices. If you got a chance to see the two devices side by side, you should have noticed that 30ppi makes a massive difference on the two devices.

Of course, we should feel bad for those who are still sitting on the Apple iPad 2. It has no retina display, a slow processor when you compare it to the newly announced Apple iPad Mini, and worse of all, there is no personal voice assistant. So far, there is no news of Apple readying Siri for the iPad 2 either, which is extremely disappointing, as many people were probably looking forward to that. Still, it is no surprise that Apple wouldn’t add that two a device that is now going to be two generations old. Although, wouldn’t it be an iOS 6 wide feature?

Will any of you that are currently rocking the Apple iPad 2 be looking to get the Apple iPad Mini, or are you satisfied with your iPad 2 despite the now slower processor and lack of a personal voice assistant? Would you consider getting one of these newer tablets or even looking into a possible Android tablet? From a non-biased perspective, both the upcoming Surface tablet and the iPad 4 is actually shaping up to look pretty good. Although the iPad 4 isn’t worth justifying a upgrade, but I would consider getting it as I have never owned an iPad.

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