App Review: Slice Ice

Slice Ice is a puzzle game that involves slicing chunks of ice from ice floes on which penguins scurry. This is done through swiping gestures. The idea is that you have to collect enough ice to fill up a glass for the penguin king. Thus, you should try to slice as large a piece of the ice floe as you can to fill up the glass faster and get to the next level. However, you have to avoid slicing the penguins and strive to keep all the penguins on the same ice floe.

The game’s premise is pretty simple and its level of difficulty is low at the beginning. However, as with most games, it gets harder as the game progresses, making Slice Ice quite an addictive download, especially for those who like putting their analyzing skills to the test.

More characters are eventually introduced, such as leopard seals, for instance, which should be pushed into the water, along with the chunks of ice. More challenging shapes of ice floes, which require more complex ways of slicing, are also given. Thus, what begins as a game that demands simple tactics becomes one that also calls for strategic timing as you are compelled to wait until the penguins, sometimes moving at different speeds, all move to one side of the ice floe before you make a cut. You get rewards in the form of gold stars, with a maximum of three stars, for passing each level. More stars are awarded for being able to fill up the glass using a minimal number of slices. Thus, it pays to think of a strategy for attacking the puzzle by making larger slices rather than making very small slices and having these add up to more water for the penguin king.

The graphics are cartoonish and two-dimensional, which is nothing more than a game of this type would need to provide enjoyment. I find the font, however, to be slightly difficult to read, and may be an area for improvement. There is also some nice background music to accompany your slicing, but if it distracts you from solving the puzzle, you can always turn it off through the app’s settings.

Slice Ice is free to download requires a minimum of Android 1.6 to function. It has a low maturity content rating and has received 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Play. You may download Slice Ice here.

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