App Review: Friendcaster For Facebook

I often prefer downloading official apps offered by online services. They offer the service straightforwardly, without adding unnecessary features to encourage consumers to choose them over other apps. One exception I make, however, is with Facebook. Many have already expressed their frustration with the official Facebook mobile app. Thus, it is not uncommon to find many third-party apps that allow for mobile access to the social network. On top of these, however, is Friendcaster For Android.

Friendcaster For Facebook is by OneLouder Apps, which is also behind the TweetCaster app, an alternative to the official Twitter app. The Friendcaster For Facebook app boasts of having more than three million downloads to date plus a long list of good reviews on the Google Play Store.

Now on version 5.0, Friendcaster For Android works well on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and other previous versions of the operating system.

Friendcaster For Android strives to provide users with an interface that is close to the one users get when accessing Facebook from a notebook or desktop computer.

On its clear and clutter-free interface, you get shortcuts to Facebook’s most popular features, including Status, Photo, Check In, News Feed, My Profile, Friends, Photos, Check-Ins, Messages, Notifications, Groups, and Events. It also displays your full Facebook Cover Photo above the shortcuts, allowing it to resemble Facebook’s interface. Common Facebook activities such as commenting, posting, and liking comments are permitted by the app. Photos in high resolution are also shown in the News Feed.

One thing that Friendcaster For Android offers that is absent from the official app is themes. Friendcaster For Android offers several themes so you can customize your mobile Facebook experience. These themes allow you to change the colors of the app’s interface. So, if you’re bored with Facebook’s usual blue and white color, you can opt for Slate Grey, Field Green, Sunlight Orange, or Just Pink.

Compared to other Facebook apps, notifications from Friendcaster For Android are delivered instantly. The app, in general, is also faster compared to the original Facebook app.

The Friendcaster For Android app has several companion apps, as well, including a Photo Effects Plugin and Friendcaster Chat For Facebook.

One downside, however, that some people might consider, is the presence of advertisements. However, the ad keeps the service free, and there is a choice to remove these ads by purchasing the Pro version.

Friendcaster For Android is worth downloading, especially if rely on your Facebook account for keeping in touch. The app requires only Android 1.6 and has a four out of five rating on Google Play.

You may download Friendcaster For Android here.

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