in Announces Pricing Reduction is, what I think, a pretty good alternative to Google+and Facebook. Some say that it is even more of a viable option for Twitter, which is arguable. It is most likely that you haven’t heard a whole lot about it, so the idea of is to be a social network without any sort of advertisements — which means that both developers and users alike pay to enter the service. That is a key part to know, as is announcing a new pricing structure for those who are using the service.

There are two really big parts to this specific announcement with now having its first monthly service signup, which is also known as a “Member plan” for $5 a month. Previously there were only $50 yearly signups available, so this new $5 a month plan may be a more viable option to users who can’t afford $50 in one increment.. Secondly, those who decide to take upon the yearly Member plan, the cost has dropped down quite a bit. Originally $50, a monthly plan is only going to cost you $36. The monthly plan on is extremely useful for those who aren’t interested in throwing down a whole $36 right away because they may just not like it. It is only obvious that would prefer that everyone moved on over to their newly priced yearly plan. With the pricing changes, there is no doubt that users would be in uproar after they just paid for their yearly service. Have no fear though. has that covered by offering those users a few additional months of service. How many months exactly will be added has not been revealed yet.

With’s new payment plans, are you interested in trying out this ad-free social networking service now? While it will provide an ad-free experience and get rid of all of the stupid people that happens to plague Facebook, I doubt that the service will be any better in terms of the community. Instead of having the stupid people that create their free accounts, you will most likely be plagued with people that have a sense of entitlement because they “paid” for the service and deserve this, demand that and etc. I’m not sure if I would be interested in heading over to just for that specific reason.

Whatever the case, have you gotten to try yet? Do you think that, for you, it would be a viable option, as opposed to Facebook or Google+? It sounds interesting, and I wouldn’t mind giving it a test run, but completely heading over to would be something that I am just not interested in. Still, you might like it, and based off of whose on the service, it could potentially be a great option to help grow your online presence and/or business.

If you are interested in taking a look at, you can head on over to their website and get a bit more information about it all. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

source: android central

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