Another iPhone 5 bug forces customers to hit data cap limit fast

Some iPhone 5 users have reported in Apple’s forums over the weekend that their beloved smartphone had a nasty bug eating up their data cap limits when it was connected to a wireless network.

No official word from Apple has been released yet to let the public know how far and wide-ranging the issue is. The company released a software update to Verizon customers, acknowledging the issue. Apple’s blog said that the update was meant to resolve an issue for Verizon network users only so that customers’ phone will not continue to download when connected to a Wi-Fi network under some circumstances.

Apple has  also apparently worked with Verizon so that customers would not be paying for the extra data consumption. There are no other reports and complaints indicating that the problem is also happening to other customers in other carriers except for some few AT&T users.

AT&T and Apple did not give any comment on the issue so far. Sprint was unaware of the problem until Friday last week and none of its customers have reported anything similar.

Since its release date, a number of users have reported minor issues regarding how Wi-Fi connectivity works  on the new iOS 6–the current operating system of iPhone 5. The recent problem adds to a growing list of bugs for the new phone. Most carriers offer some form of rewards to customers not using unlimited data plans to convince them to switch to metered billing plans, resulting to monthly caps.  Any excess in cellular data use results to overages and bugs such as these will hit paying customers hard on their monthly bills.

As there are so far no explanations from Apple, some people are speculating that the problem may not be due to hardware issues but on the new operating system, iOS 6.

Some readers of CNNMoney though suggested the problem is also happening on AT&T network. Gary Milkis, a reader of the website, said the bug forced him to turn off his daughter’s cellular data to avoid paying for overages after he upgraded to iOS 6. He said AT&T increased his last month’s cap limit after becoming aware of the problem.

Another reader named Frank Passalacqua mentioned that AT&T send him a notification warning him that he had exceeded his 200 MB monthly limit.

“This comes as a shock to me because in the two years I had my plan, I never once went over. The funny thing is, I got this message from them the day after I downloaded iOS 6,” Mr Passalacqua said. “I just don’t think it’s right that I’m being charged an extra $15 for going over when I know for a fact I didn’t.”

Apple’s board shows a long list of users complaining how fast they’re reaching their monthly data caps. The company was recently hit by an embarrassing issue regarding the poor performance of its mapping software.  CEO Tim Cook issued an official apology for the app but not for the emerging cellular data issue.

source: CNNmoney