Angry Birds: Star Wars — First Gameplay Footage Shown

We are getting closer and closer to the release of Angry Birds Star Wars. Rovio is going to release the new title on November 8th, but anticipation of that, Rovio has released a new gameplay trailer showcasing what we can experience in Angry Birds Star Wars. Angry Birds fans will be happy to know that despite the Star Wars theme in this new Angry Birds game, they have still stuck to the cutesy art style they are known for. Of course, they did show quite a bit more content than their usual teaser trailers.

In the trailer the red bird taking on the form of Luke Skywalker does a few tricks showcasing his abilities along with being a bit of a show off for the pink bird who takes on the roll of the not-so-petite Princess Leia. On the flip side, Princess Leia can beam lasers from the sky as she soars through the air. AT-AT walkers on Hoth and the the pigs Tusken Raiders on Tatooine make a very short appearance as they are obliterated by Luke Skywalker’s and Princess Leia’s combined abilities. All in all, it is a very cool trailer, and I would suggest giving it a watch. You can watch the embedded trailer below.

Angry Birds is a huge success, and so is Star Wars, especially with some of the movies re-launching in theaters once again. Both are very valuable brands, and it is no surprise that the creators would be wanting to milk it as much as they can. While I usually don’t appreciate certain brands getting milked, I am quite excited to see what Angry Birds Star Wars is all about. Aside from that, we should of been expecting an Angry Birds Star Wars with Angry Birds Space releasing before that. Again, it is definitely not a huge surprise, but I am personally looking forward to Angry Birds Lord of the Rings. That is the next Angry Birds isn’t it? If it isn’t, I will be seriously disappointed.

Anyone liking the new Angry Birds style, or do you find it offensive to the cutesy art style Angry Birds has always boasted of? Would Star Wars fans approve of this as well? Who knows, but with George Lucas backing this, it is bound to be a good time waster despite angry Angry Birds fans (see what I did there?).



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