Andru Dark Charger To Be Released On October 11th

This is definitely the most awesome and coolest charger that I have ever seen. It’s called the “Andru Dark” charger and has been created by Gen. It features Android’s awesome little mini figurine, but this time around, it is all decorated in black and red, to make it look all “evil-like.” It is eyes are red, scary huh (kidding of course)? This is definitely one of the most awesome accessories I have seen in the Android “franchise,” and if you love collecting all things Android, this is something you will definitely want to look into. Andru Dark features a stand for the figurine (which actually doubles as his feet), light up eyes that glow red when charging and then amber when it is on standby. It also features some cool movable arms and then a 1.2 meter cable.

While it’s not going to be cheap, and it will in fact set you back by $25, this figurine is essentially the same price as chargers that you would purchase anywhere. With all of that said, if you plan on deciding to overcharge on a charger at a carrier store, you mine as well get this wickedly awesome Andru Dark charger, am I right?

Starting on October 11th, you will be able to purchase the Andru Dark charger, but if you would like a little more information about it before you purchase the new gadget, there are tons of reviews on the green version of the charger all over the web. Also, there’s a demonstration video embedded below for more information on the upcoming gadget. Honestly, the Andru Dark charger is something that I will be picking up, as it looks wickedly awesome and I think, is totally worth the $25 that they are asking for. The green version is cool and all, but there’s something about this one that is just awesome.

If you prefer the green color rather than a dark and red hybrid that makes the Android look evil, you can currently purchase that charger from Gen for a price of $25. It does all of the same stuff, and really the only difference between the two chargers is the color schemes — one being green and another being dark and red to portray an “evil” sort of theme.

You can head on over to Amazon to purchase the green android charger. Aside from aesthetics, I really like the charger because it offers an easier way of showing when your device is charged and when it isn’t. It shows you that through its light up eyes, which as you can imagine, is extremely helpful. Of course, you may not care that it’s a charger, and you may just want to purchase this to add to your Android collectibles. I’m sure they would fit extremely well alongside the larger figurines.

Is anyone excited for the Andru Dark Android figurine charger? Will you be picking one up from Gen when it releases on October 11th? I sure will be! Let us know in the comments below!

source: talk android