Android dominates OS market in Q3, US sales vied by iPhone 5

A new report is released lately by UK-based analysts from Kantar WorldPanel ComTech, disclosing a dramatic shares boost acquired by Android virtually all over the world, preserving its reputation as the most popular operating system worldwide.

Figures specified in Kantar report emphasize the mobile market status covering the entire third quarter of 2012 in the US, UK and Europe.

In the United States, Android takes the lead but not that substantial. Its market share in this year’s third quarter purportedly went down from 66.4 percent to 57.5 percent. The decline in share is believed to be an impact of the remarkable growth of Apple’s iPhone products in the country, which share is now at 35.7 percent.

Meanwhile, Windows Phone is now emerging on top of RIM’s BlackBerry smartphone and tablet but both have a very minimal representation in the United States, at sub-3 percent.

Android also takes the lead outside the United States trade, surfacing as the market leader among its fierce rivals in terms of share increase.

So far, the Linux-based operating system for touchscreen mobile devices controls 58.2 percent of the market in Great Britain. Next in line is the American techno-giant’s iPhone with 28 percent acquisition.

Android OS – iOS market clash

According to Kantar, the constant sales growth of the new iPhone 5 is likely to take Apple on top of the US and Great Britain markets soon, depending on its availability.

Kantar analyst Dominic Sunnebo said the significant number of existing Apple customers is professed to impose major boost in sales, especially in the United States, and the momentum is expected to be entirely seen in the next set of results.

A matter of this fact is the latest figure showing Android’s rate of growth slowing as iPhone 5 sales hit the first week. Apple’s iOS is apparently gaining in the States and Great Britain, something that Android has to note.

iPhone 5 lifting Apple up

Apple’s newest iPhone device hit the market on the 21st of September, in the United States, Great Britain, France and Germany. It officially rolled out in Spain on September 28th.

In the United States, Apple sees an increase on its share by 14.2 percent while posting growth on its share across Britain from 18.1 percent to 28 percent in a year ago.

Meanwhile in China, 84 percent of the overall smartphone sales are governed by iOS and Android, with 209 million smartphone owners. Emerging on top of the brands is China’s most popular Android manufacturer, Samsung. HTC is also performing well with its new Desire series.

However, more established global brands are being pressured by the number of Android OS manufacturers in the Chinese market. Lower tier cities would prefer local brands that offer high-spec, low cost handsets like Huawei, Lenovo, Coolpad and Xiami.

Source: PhoneArena

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