AMD Announces New ARM-Based Processors, Will Release By 2014

By now we should all be very away of the advancements and power in the latest microprocessor. My realization to this actually came when I saw the power that NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 was able to offer. In fact, I realized that much more after I started seeing a bunch of Tegra 3 exclusive games release that weren’t available for your everyday smartphone or tablet. In fact, you might have even realized that with the announcement of the Ouya and all of the Tegra 3-based games coming to that. That said, is it not crazy how these tiny processors are capable of so much?

With the power that these processors have, AMD has announced that they are starting development on new chips based off of the design of ARM chips, similar to the ones that are used in mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc). ARM chips consume a whole lot less power, so AMD says that these new chips that they are creating will be very efficient and offer a new way for customers to cut the costs of running a data center by reducing the power consumption and cooling needs. To be honest, AMD has a history for hot processor, and the idea of reducing cooling needs isn’t sounding very good based off of their track record. Nevertheless, you can probably see the huge interest in these processors based off of the huge cost-savings that they will be capable of in data centers.

AMD has been struggling big time and really isn’t a “big” thing in the technology industry anymore. That said, this couldn’t be a better time for AMD to try and take advantage of the ever-growing mobile industry, especially with their struggling sales. This move would immediately be good for AMD as it would give them over their rival competition Intel. Intel currently does not sell microprocessors based on ARM designs, so AMD has a perfect position here. Then again, Intel is hinting at releasing something by the end of the year, so we’ll just have to see how this all turns out. You’ve got to admit though, this would provide a huge boost in sales for AMD, so maybe things are going to be looking up for the company. AMD plans to have these tiny processor chips available by 2014.

source: Talk Android