Adobe Reader XI For Tablets Introduces New Productivity Features

An announcement from Adobe was made just yesterday. They’ve now taken the curtains off their next version of the Acrobat and Reader software. Of course, that is all nice for the desktop and all, but along with the new desktop software, Adobe has promised updated mobile applications. These updated applications bring some major enhancements to the software, such as the capabilities to edit PDF files, modify paragraph layouts and images, along with other objects through a newly-introduced design tool.

Adobe is also boasting of their new cloud applications, including EchoSign, which is Adobe’s own electronic signature service. With this service, users are now capable of digitally signing PDF documents directly from their devices, which means we can finally get rid of those annoying printers and fax machines. Well, I wish we could, at least. You are always going to have that “one guy” that is not very tech savvy. Additionally, annotation and comment support has also been added in the update. Compatibility has served as a major focus for Adobe, as the company has engineered a lot of their new software to allow users to fill in forms using check boxes, radio buttons and text boxes, along with the ability to save these edited documents.

We’ve been able to digitally sign things on our desktops and laptops for quite some time now, but we really haven’t been able to do this from a mobile device. I’m pretty happy that we can now easily do this on the go, instead of having to wait to sign something until you get back home on your desktop or even find somewhere to unpack your laptop. While this isn’t “major” breaking news, I think that being able to sign things on the go is going to increase productivity a lot, as most people are using their mobile devices these days.

While these new features have only been integrated into various tablets, it’s entirely possible, and we should be seeing them coming to smartphones in the hopefully near future. Besides, everyone and their Uncle owns a smartphone, so I’d say it’d be a stupid move not to eventually offer that feature to the various smartphones. Adobe hasn’t provided any further details on an exact release date, but we are expecting that this new software will be launching later this month.

Is anyone excited for this new update from Adobe?  It’s awesome that they are working towards improving their reader on mobile devices as opposed to the desktop versions. Adobe definitely sees a lot of promise in the mobile area, especially with the most recent sales statistics (e.g. Google overtaking Microsoft as third most valuable company and some 20 million Galaxy S III sales). There’s definitely a lot of promise in this area and it’s awesome to see Adobe increasingly take advantage of that.

If your looking forward to the new software update, would you use it a lot on your tablet, or would it be one of those features that just sits on the sidelines? Let us know in the comments below!

source: talk android