Acer Looking To Launch An Intel Powered Smartphone Before The End Of The Year

As we move forward into 2013, there is no doubt that we will be seeing a whole lot more Intel powered Android devices. On the other hand, it seems as if we’re going to be seeing another Intel powered smartphone before this year is over. According to an article that was written by The China Post, Acer is hoping that they can launch their very own Intel smartphone before 2012 meets its end. If this information is correct, its potentially quite an odd move with the CES taking place in early January. Although, with the experience Acer has, there is no doubt that they know what they are doing.

All of this news comes from Acer’s very own Peter Shieh, during a launch event for the company’s new $500 handset. Acer has declined to comment about any sort of release schedule for the device, along with any sort of hardware specs. Still, Shieh did hint that Acer has plans to include their very own cloud services on the device, much like ASUS has been doing with their tablets and more recent smartphones (i.e. the ). If this all turns out to be true, this is going to be another great step in the right direction for Intel. Of course, this should not be a huge surprise for you either. Acer and Intel have been partners for an extremely long time in the area of personal computers, so when they move together to produce things for the mobile industry, it really is a logical step for them. As you know, Intel really makes some good stuff, so with them being able to break into the mobile industry will only reap some good results, I think.

I do have one worry about this though, and this is solely my opinion and does not reflect Acer or Intel. NVIDIA, Samsung and Qualcomm have been producing some really good processors, I mean, they have been wickedly fast and smooth. That said, these three companies have been competing with each other in the mobile industry, so my worry here is that Intel might not have room to get in on this action. I’m more afraid that they’ll get pushed out of the way as these three companies continue to beat each other in processor speeds and just overall stability. At the same time, if Intel can produce something amazing, there will surely be room for them to get in on the competition, but until then, I am a little weary that they might not be able to “break out” into the market due to how widespread Qualcomm, Samsung and NVIDIA already are.

Again, if Intel can produce something fantastic that we haven’t been able to see yet, there’s definitely going to be room for them. If they can’t, well, who knows what will happen really. Maybe people will just buy Intel powered smartphones because they generally prefer Intel processors, who knows. I just hope they don’t get pushed out of the market (that of course, won’t happen right away, but eventually) from these other companies that have been producing some fantastic stuff.

source: android central