A Game Of Dwarves From Zeal Game Studios Launched Today

If you have ever heard of Dwarf Fortress, which has basically been a management game like old classics such as Theme Hosptial, you should be able to get a grasp on easier versions of the game like Gnomoria and Towns. Although both Towns and Gnomoria have been rather confusing as well, they are definitely easier than what Dwarf Fortress has offered. Gnomoria Towns and Dwarf Fortress feature pixel graphics, which almost makes it harder to play due to it being a management game (identifying certain resources is rather touch with 2d art). All of that said, if you were ever interested in one of the listed games, you might be interested in a user-friendly 3D version of the game called A Game Of Dwarves by Zeal Game Studios. Zeal Game Studios set out with publisher Paradox Interactive to create a more user-friendly experience for those that were really wanting to get into management type games. On top of that, they’ve taken a beautiful fantasy art style with the game based on the life of a dwarf. That style definitely makes the game more friendly to families, especially with the user-friendly adaption that Zeal Game Studios and Paradox Interactive has taken with this title.

One of the better parts of this game is the fact that it will only set you back by a mere $9.99. It is extremely worth it for the amount of content that Zeal Game Studios will be providing with you. While you may have missed the extra “Ale Pack” DLC that you get with the pre-order since the game has launched, you’ll still be able to get  a lot of fun out of this specific title. With a mere $9.99 price tag, there have been many sources that have mentioned you should be getting a lot more hours out of this than your average RPG. Avid Dwarf Fortress fans have dumped hundreds upon hundreds of hours into that game, and there is no doubt that you would at least find some sort of interesting in caring for these cute little dwarves.

As far as we know, Zeal Game Studios and Paradox Interactive plan to work on extra playable content for this game (aka DLC) as they move forward with it. As for right now, you’ll still be able to play bunches of content and customize your very own Dwarven Kingdom. How much more enjoyable can that get, I mean really?

Right now, A Game Of Dwarves is only available digitally, and so far there is no planned physical release as it is a mere $10 game. You can head on over to Steam to purchase the game and give it a go if you like. You definitely will not be disappointed if you are into management games. On top of the ability to customize your very own Dwarven Kingdom, there are also enemies to fight. What better satisfaction can you get than from killing nasty goblins invading your very own mines?

You can head over to this link to purchase A Game Of Dwarves from Zeal Game Studios and Paradox Interactive.