8GB Nexus 7 Not Available In Google Play Store Anymore

With all of the rumors as of late, the 8GB Nexus 7 getting axed off of the Play Store is no surprise. The official listing on the Play Store for the famed 8GB Nexus 7 has been updated to show the device as coming soon. This update is in line with a lot of the rumors that we have been seeing as of late. That said, if things prove to go in the right direction, Google is going to be getting rid of their 8GB Nexus 7 and replacing it with a 16GB version of the tablet. They will then replace the 16GB version with a 32GB version that is also rumored to have 3G cellular data capabilities. Again, that is on the basis that all of these rumors have been true, so take that with a large grain of salt. Things do seem to be headed in the right direction thus far though.

There is no doubt that recent orders of the 8GB version will be shipped out (although that may be switched out with the 16GB version). Many users have experienced the vast limits of a mere 8GBs of storage. Between a few Tegra 3 exclusive games, and a movie set in high definition, that has certainly gobbled up all of the space on 8GB Nexus 7’s all around the world. It makes logical sense that Google would be looking to ax the 8GB Nexus 7 and replace it with the 16GB version and follow that up with a 32GB version. In today’s world, 8GBs of storage is almost nothing. Of course, with Apple getting ready to launch the all new iPad Mini on November 2nd, Google’s Playground event in New York City would be the perfect place and time to announce this new move officially. Not only that, but a 32GB version of a Nexus 7 would definitely boost their sales as it has been something that users have been asking for for quite some time now.

Whatever the case, if you were planning on getting yourself one of the coveted Nexus 7’s in the very near future, I would highly suggest that you hold off for a little while. Google’s Nexus event is coming to New York City extremely soon, and there have been a lot of rumors as to what will be announced. Among those rumors is a variety of Google tablets for a very low price. That said, you may not want to shell out $250 on a new Nexus 7 when brand new tablets may just be announced in a couple of days. Although, if you have the money and just can’t wait or want to pass it down to a friend or family member, Amazon currently has quite a bit of Nexus 7 tablets that you can get from there as opposed to the blocked off Play Store.

Are you excited for the upcoming Nexus event and the possible unveiling of a new Nexus 7 tablet? If you have a Nexus 7 tablet, are you going to trade it in for one of the “better” ones?

source: Talk Android

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