7 Reasons to Choose a Snapdragon S4 Processor Android Device

The mind-blowing innovations from Qualcomm, the developers of the Snapdragon mobile processor, have led to revolutions in the mobile phone industry.  Their new Snapdragon S4 processors have helped mobile phone manufacturers, particularly those developing Android smartphones and tablets, to come up with some amazing devices that have shook the smartphone market.  What role does the chip maker play in the smartphone industry, you may ask.  Well, there are 7 major reasons why Snapdragon processors are great.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 chips make a smartphone use experience completely different.  These are:

a)     Low power consumption

The snapdragon S4 processor now is 28nm transitioned from the former 45nm, and this makes it the smallest processor in the industry but with even more transistors.  This new process helped reduce leakage, and that is the reason the chip uses up less power.  A smartphone with a Snapdragon S4 chip uses less power compared to those running other processors.  Because it does not heat as much too, the device stays cooler and hence performs better.

b)     Better performance

The S4 chip introduces a new CPU GPU.  Android smartphones with Snapdragon S4 processors perform better than those running other processors under the same conditions – thanks to the Krait GPUs.  This means that even very complex graphics games and sophisticated applications will run more smoothly.  Some Snapdragon S4 processors come with Adreno 225 GPUs that bring better gaming experience on Android.

c)      Fast 4G Connectivity

Mobile internet speeds now are super-fast and they need superfast processors to deliver this performance.  The S4 processor completely revolutionizes mobile browsing and downloads on 4G, you can even play multiple games at up to 10 times the speeds of 3G if you are on a 4G network and using a device with a Snapdragon S4 processor.  If you thought that internet speeds depend only on the network, think again; the processor play a significant role.

d)     Higher better definition display

Graphics are a deal breaker or make when it comes to mobile computing.  The higher the definition the clearer the screen and the better the handset.  But did you know that the GPU, the graphics on the processor, are responsible for the display on the phone or tablet?  The graphics can be summarized into display resolution (pixels) and display density (pixels per square inch).  Snapdragon S4 processors deliver the finest graphics of all Android CPUs so far without draining the battery power.  This also determines how fast an application responds and how dazzling images on a video or 3D game look on your mobile device.  This is where an Android device can support the newest 3D games and support high definition (HD) content as much as 720p or 1080p at 60fps.

e)     Improved security

As smartphones become more and more powerful, people rely on them for their daily information needs.  This attracts criminals who know that people now store their important information including passwords, credit card information and bank account details on their Android smartphones in an attempt to gain access to them.  The Snapdragon S4 chip comes with the Qualcomm Secure MSM hardware and software security system that provides such tools as data encryption, secure code sing-in, TrustZone SEE and encrypted boot to boost the device’s security.

f)      Better camera performance

Most Android smartphones market themselves based on the performance of specific components, one of them being the camera.  This explains why the bestselling Android smartphones have cameras with over 8 megapixels and support for HD video recording.  Snapdragon’s Image Signal Processor (ISP) technology is what gives Android phones running on the S4 chip their impressive camera performance.  This enhancement is what gives phones such as the S3 and One X impressive camera performance.  It brings silky smooth 1080p high definition video capture as well as overall image and speed improvements including image stabilization.

g)     Location service and navigation

As much as we might think GPS’es and location services are dependent on developer’s software, the processor plays a significant role in the performance of mapping software and coordinating software and GPS hardware.  The Snapdragon S4 is designed to offer better GPS performance and hence provide better location service.  The better performance also means that the location service will not be interrupted once the GPS hardware links the satellite and you will not have any dropped connections.

All these great performance features makes Android phones running on Android smartphones a must-have.  Although there are other chips which have their own advantages such as the Texa Instruments OMAP and NVIDIA’s tegra 3, I think the Snapdragon S4 tops the performance list.  When looking for a smartphone, you have to look a lot more than just the design if you are an advanced user; the CPU is the heart of your phone and you will want to find the best performing processor.

Moved yet? Here is a list of the Top 5 Android smartphones running the Snapdragon S4 processor you may be interested in.

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