4G In The United Kingdom Ready For Widespread Roll Out

Several different UK mobile network providers, the UK’s communications regulator Ofcon, and some other government officials have officially announced a deal that will be accelerating the roll out of 4G LTE services throughout the entirety of the United Kingdom. This new settlement means that carriers like O2 and Vodafone will have the ability to begin deploying their 4G LTE networks in early 2013, which is six months earlier than what was originally thought and planned. As you know, EE will be rolling out their 4G LTE service later this month, which still puts them ahead of the others despite this new settlement with the various UK carriers.

UK carriers EE (Everything Everywhere) had been previously granted permission to start using some of their existing 1800 MHz spectrum for 4G LTE network purposes and they were expected to start rolling that out this fall (and was confirmed for later this month, October 30th specifically). On the flip side of things, other UK carriers like O2 and Vodafone have been angry with this and were threatening to launch legal actions claiming the permission to use this spectrum for 4G services was improper and that Everything Everywhere was being given an unfair advantage (it’s not really a unfair advantage, just the fact that EE was pushing to get this rolling). Due to all of this, Ofcom has now agreed that they would be accelerating the approval process for 4G LTE services for other carriers after a planned January action of old analog television spectrum occurs in January 2013.

With this new agreement, Everything Everywhere has announced the imminent launch of their new 4G LTE, as stated above, it will be rolling out on October 30th. EE has indicated that their plans are to get this new service out to 16 different UK cities by the end of the year, and 98% of the UK by 2014. Other carriers will be behind with their deployments due to EE’s head start, but their deployments should now begin sometime in early 2013. Of course, with the agreement and the head start that EE is getting, the other carriers are going to be seriously lacking.

With the agreement, EE is anticipated to announce the imminent launch of their 4G LTE network. They have indicated they have plans to deploy the service to 16 UK cities before the end of the year and to 98% of the UK by 2014. Other carriers will be behind with their deployments which should now occur sometime in early 2013, but with the agreement the head start that EE gets will not be as great.

The new settlement means that the United Kingdom will at last be able to catch up with the many other countries around the world that already have 4G LTE services very established and in place. As Ed Richards, the chief executive of Ofcom, he notes, consumers are the big winners as they aren’t going to have to wait for “a considerable period for the next generation of mobile broadband services.”

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source: talk android