3G HSPA+ Nexus 7 With 32GB Of Storage Announced

The past couple of weeks we have been seeing a lot of different rumors and leaks about a 32GB Nexus 7 along with a few hints concerning a Nexus 7 with 3G cellular data capabilities. Today we have seen that a 32GB Nexus 7 has been unveiled after weeks of constant rumors. In the midst of that announcement, a nice little surprise that Google unveiled was the highly anticipated Nexus 7 with 3G and HSPA+ cellular data capabilities. It is compatible with many networks worldwide, but some of the most notable ones are AT&T in the United States and Three UK in Britain. The Nexus 7 with HSPA+ capabilities also comes with 32GBs of storage. Beyond that, there are no other storage options for the Nexus 7 with cellular data.

The United States variant of the 32GB Nexus 7 with HSPA+ capabilities is going to set you back by $299 and will be working on AT&T’s network. Of course, you could just save yourself $50 and get the Wi-Fi only version of the 32GB tablet. The United Kingdom variant will be set at £199 later today.

If you live in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Canada or even Spain, you will be able to purchase Google’s unlocked devices straight from their Play Store when November 13th comes around the corner. Until then, you will just have to sit back and wait.

Are you going to be getting a 3G HSPA+ Nexus 7 with 32GBs of storage? Would you attempt to use this bad boy as a smartphone now too?