3 Best Keyboard Apps for your Android Device

Just got your Android phone or tablet?  Do you want to boost your productivity and improve typing speed?  Well, the first thing you need to do is find a new keyboard and install.  The stock Android keyboard is pretty good I must admit, but you do not have to stick to it if you want more versatility, more options or just want a keyboard that suits your kind of user.  But then, there are so many different keyboard apps on the Play Store that you would easily be spoilt of choice.

Some of the top features to check when looking for a new keyboard include the layout, options, designs, functionality, innovativeness of the features and usability for whatever you want it for.  Well, here are 5 keyboards for 5 different kinds of users – where do you fit, and which one is the best for you?  Before you download a keyboard, it is best to find out what kind of user you are – some people love to just swype, others are more productive with a traditional kind of keyboard and others, like me, prefer something that involves minimal pressing of keys.


1. For the Swyper: Swype Keyboard

This is the original swipe-based keyboard and since it introduced the idea of ‘swyping’ to type a word, they have made a ton of improvements.  If you are the kind of person who wants to enter a word without having to press individual keys, then you are a swyper and this is your kind of keyboard.  It may be difficult getting used to it at first but with time, you will grasp the concept of swyping and find out just how simple and efficient it is.

To install this keyboard, go to their beta site using your phone’s or table’t browser and find out how you can sign up and download the trial version (which is just as good, I promise).  The best thing about this keyboard is that it always gets the right word even if you missed one or two letters by a mile, just as long as you got most of them right,  This keyboard will also dig into your email and text messages history to learn common words you use and from there you will not need to struggle with spellings, friends’ names which are not proper words and your favorite acronyms and abbreviations.

This keyboard also comes with speech recognition but this may not be the best feature about the keyboard yet; I hope that developers will improve on it because it is almost useless at this stage.  But then, this is just a beta, I am sure things will change.


2. For the Casual Typer: Adaptxt

By casual typist, I mean someone who is a lot into chatting with friends and the concept of lol, :-D, OMG and BRB is not new.  The first thing you will notice about this keyboard is its strikingly good looks, fancy colors and attractive design, and this is a sign of good things under the hood.  Adaptx comes with a ton of very useful features including Wikipedia references, links to post what you are typing to Facebook or Twitter and shortcuts to launch specific applications on the phone or tablet.

Developers describe this keyboard as an intelligent, faster and fluid application that has accurate predictive text in many languages.  What’s more, if you do not like how the keyboard looks but still want to use it, you can easily create your own or download a theme to match your phone or tablet theme.

Some of the core features on this keyboard you may be interested to know are speech to text, learning words and phrases from Twitter and Facebook, Automatic Text Replacement and error correction and smart word prediction.  I would highly recommend this keyboard to those who want something they can download and stick to for long.


3. For Thumb-Typer: Thumb Keyboard

Do you have a small-screen phone and want a keyboard that factors in this disadvantage?  Perhaps you are so used to typing with your thumbs that you are not ready to give it up yet.  Well, you do not need to.  Thumb keyboard is ergonomically designed for those who want to type with the thumb, even when they could use all fingers.

The selling feature of this keyboard is it’s flexible customizability, you can tweak it just the way you are comfortable with,  it has some advanced customization options and a ton of innovative features that are aimed at making typing faster, easier, smarter and more comfortable.  It comes with full featured standard layouts, special layouts for different screen types and sizes, one hand operation mode, voice recognition, multitouch support, text to speech, voice input, swipe support, user dictionary and over 25 built in themes.

It currently supports a wide range of languages and special keyboards are also available on the developer’s website.  In a nutshell, whether you are a one-hand typer or prefer using just your thumbs, this is the best keyboard for you.  On the other hand, if for any reason you feel you need a ‘special’ keyboard you cannot find elsewhere, check out the developer’s website here, there just may be something special for you.

Or… Go with Jelly Bean Keyboard

If you still want to stick to a stock keyboard, and have Android Ice Cream Sandwich or earlier, why not go with the Jelly Bean keyboard?  You can install it on your device without upgrading the operating system, just find it on the play store.  This keyboard is nothing like the keyboards that come with the previous operating systems, it packs a ton of features including word prediction and many other features you will find beneficial.

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