Xiaomi MI-2 Release Date Slated in October; Features Quad-Core Processor, Jelly Bean & MIUI v4.0

Xiaomi MI-2 poses a great threat to any high-end smartphones in the market today, especially in China, because not only does it feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 chipset with quad-core processor, it also comes packed with buttery smooth user interface (MIUI v4.0) on top of the custom Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system.

Apparently, the device will debut in China and target the same market where it is expected to dominate. However, Xiaomi hasn’t released an official statement whether the device will be marketed in the United States and other regions or not. This leaves a room for people to speculate. Recent rumors suggest that it will also target English-speaking and a few other Asian countries, which is why an official promotional video with English subtitles was uploaded on YouTube (please see embedded video below for reference) a few days before it was unveiled in August.

One source who claimed to be familiar with the operations of Xiaomi said that Xiaomi MI-Two will be released on October 18th, although he didn’t provide any proof of some sort. The company already confirmed during launch and through Twitter that its flagship will be released sometime in October but also didn’t provide exact date.


Xiaomi MI-2 will have impressive hardware specs but will be offered at a very affordable price. The last time we check, MI-2 has a price tag of 1,999 Yuan or around $310 USD; that’s almost half the price of its Apple and Samsung competitors.

While China’s smartphone business is currently on the rise pushing companies like Apple to venture out in an unfamiliar market, analysts believe local brands will always be preferred by the Chinese users. One of the reasons is that, companies like Xiaomi, Meizu and OPPO offer affordable devices with the same specs as with their counterparts. It would become a surprise if Apple iPhone 5, despite its popularity, will defeat Xiaomi MI-2 in terms of sales in China.

Perhaps, one of the things that make this smartphone special is its user interface. Xiaomi MI-Two will run on MIUI v4.0, a highly customizable ROM based on Android Open Source Project’s (AOSP) Jelly Bean release. Among the features MIUI offers are the following:

  • Silky smooth experience
  • Multiple built-in transition effects
  • Convenient icon sorting
  • Easily add widgets
  • Shake phone three times to automatically organize icons
  • T9 smart dialing
  • Easily find commonly used business numbers via T9
  • One-click call recording
  • Take down notes quickly during calls
  • Fast group messaging
  • More photography features
  • Convenient browser tab management
  • Smart layout of webpages
  • Large collection of music
  • Change lockscreen mechanism
  • Customize your own theme

source: CNN