Gold plated iPhone 5 by Gold & Co.

Do you love the new Apple iPhone 5? If you do, you would already bought at least one, either pre ordered it, or waited in the queue for a few days. And if you lots of money in your bank account, I mean lots and lots of money to waste on useless things, here is something you would love to buy – a gold plated iPhone 5. Yes, I am not kidding here. UK’s Gold & Co. is here, again, with a gold plated all new iPhone 5.

Once you have ordered your 24 karat gold plated iPhone 5 for a few million dollars, you will have to go to the Collector’s Palace at the Dubai Mall. And this would be no problem for you since you will have a private jet. This is a very possibility because if you are spending millions of dollars just for a phone, you would probably have spent a few more million dollars to have a flying machine of your own for comfortable journeys around the world.

So, once you reach the mall, your gold plated iPhone 5 will be waiting for you there, all ready to add another feather to your hat. Now, if you are all ready to buy this rare piece of technology, and planning to upgrade your old gold plated iPhone 4S, you will have to wait a bit more longer since the company has not yet announced the pricing. The 24 karat gold plated iPhone 4S sold for 9.4 million USD, so you can expect this to be a bit more than that price tag.

A thought to the jobless mind, where do out dated gold plated iPhones go? Will they end up on Best Buy or some other online store? Or do they just find a new home at the bottom drawer of the desk? Well, if I buy one of these one day, I’ll make a high security room for keeping such high value jewelleries.

Source: CNET

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