Wikipad Gaming Tablet Gets Hands-On by One Lucky User


The game-changing Wikipad is only one step closer from getting in the hands of gamers who love the Android platform everywhere, but there was one lucky user that got to see the Wikipad in action, courtesy of its creator James Bower. What we’ve seen right off the bat is that users are treated to what is a slim and trim profile that is very smooth to touch except for the middle of the back. That middle part has a square-shapred groove along the back center of the tablet, which is supposed to help give the user a solid grip on the device. Bower also noted that the groove helps to “keep the tablet cool under stressful gaming power-consumption.” I can imagine he’s talking about games like The Dark Knight Rises or more Tegra 3 optimized games.

The focus of this device is really the performance capabilities and surely the Wikipad has delivered on this. The device is powered by a Tegra 3 chip and run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, those two features together helps power games like Cody and a port of the famed action game Max Payne. After reading the hands-on you could tell that the graphics were really fluid (which should be expected with a tablet like this), while the controls also gave some amazing results thanks to comfortable dual analog sticks and responsive buttons. One thing that people may not like is the fact that both the tablet and controller dock could make the entire unit a tad heavier than what some would prefer. At the same time though, it’s assumed most people won’t be playing on the Wikipad for hours on end. I think that’s what most people expect anyway as we don’t play Android for hours on end with our phones or tablets.

Any thoughts on the device?
source: talk android


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