Wikipad gaming Tablet Available for Pre-order at GameStop for $499

At the beginning of last month, I wrote a post about Wikipad’s new gaming tablet specs and news (you can read it here).  I talked about the new tablet’s capabilities and how it is one of the most bizarre gadgets I have written about in a while, not just the name.  Wikipad seems to have actually pulled through with the gaming tablet as it emerged yesterday that Wikipad’s gaming tablet official details, pricing, some official pictures and availability were released yesterday.

The Wikipad gaming tablet is one of the first fully-fledged Android gaming tablets with some great specs (as you would expect a gaming gadget to have).  What we already knew was that the tablet would have a 10 inch screen and not the 8 inch screen that the company intended to it to back in January when the idea floated the first time, and when it comes to design, I could say that the finished product is much more beautiful and intriguing than the prototype looked.  The tablet is more elegant, sturdier and more polished than the prototype was and it certainly looks a lot cooler with the control pad than you imagined it would.

The good thing is that the tablet’s game controls are detachable and have been re-designed to look more user-friendly than before.  With the detachable controls, it means that you will not be buying a gaming tablet but a normal tablet that you can transform into a gamepad at any time.  The add-on game controller incudes analog sticks, two triggers, two bumpers, four face buttons, a directional pad and start and select buttons.  All these look styles and are well sized and spaced.  It is a good thing Wikipad decided to make it a 10 inch tablet and not an 8 inch because I can imagine how compressed or odd the controls would look with a smaller screen.

The core specs of the tablet include a 1.4 GHz quad core tegra 3 processor, 1 GB RAM, an option of 16 or 32 GB onboard memory and 23.46 Wh battery.  Some more good news is that the tablet will run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and will have all the standard specs and features of modern high end tablets including WiFi and Bluetooth, an 8 MP rear and 2 MP front camera and inbuilt stereo speakers.

Users will enjoy full access to Tegra 3 optimised games and Google Play Store through the improved WIkipad tablet game support.  They will also get fully optimized and certified PlayStation games from Gaikai platform and exclusive full length game titles from GameStop.

After looking at all these great features and options, how much would you be willing to churn out for this gadget?  Well, good thing the price is not even close as expensive as HTC’s first mid-range tablet that sold for over $1000 on launch last year, for all these features, the price is less than $500.  You can now pre-order the Wikipad Gaming Tablet from GameSpot and have it shipped to you at the end of next month for just $499.  Wikipad did not mention whether this is the price for the 16 GB version or 32 GB version but I bet the price between the two will differ by between $50 and $100.

The $499 price tag may seem pretty steep especially considering that most tablets with Tegra 3 processors and 1 GB RAM that go for between $300 and $400, but I think the additional game control and added software features and game support tools are worth more than $200.

Soon, there will be new entrants in the Android gaming field as Archos is developing its Archos Gamepad and the OUYA project got sufficient funding to field its $99 Android consoles.  But before then, Wikipad have the advantage in the market – I hope it works for them.

Are you a gamer?  Would you or are you going for this Gaming tablet?

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