Why some Samsung Android devices are getting CM10 before other devices?

Samsung has a variety of smart phones, and most of them run the most popular mobile operating system in the world today, Google’s Android. And since Android is present in every market of the world, Samsung wants to reach each and every market. But it so happens that a few markets differ in requirements and the South Korean Android smart phone giant needs to change the whole design of the smart phones to make them suitable for these certain markets.

As an example, if you observe closely, you will notice that Samsung releases one flavour of devices for the US market and another flavour of the same device to the rest of the world, mostly. This is because the LTE frequencies used in the US are not compatible with the rest of the world, which is mostly the case anywhere else. And the quad core or dual core processor that the company puts in some of the devices are just not capable of servicing these frequency bands in the US.

That is the reason even though the international version of certain smart phones from Samsung have a quad core processor, the US version of the same smart phone will have a dual core processor in the US. Cool Smartphones writes:

When CyanogenMod developer Codeworkx was quizzed as to why certain versions of the Samsung Galaxy SII were getting CyanogenMod 10 sooner than others he explained that it was down to the fact that some use Samsung’s own Exynos SoC (system on a chip) and others use Qualcom or the TexasInstruments OMAP.

He gave the example that the I9100g Galaxy SII has an OMAP SoC and a very stable CM10 Jelly Bean ROM, whereas the I9100 Galaxy SII has an Exynos SoC, but its version of CM10 is buggy and unstable. He even goes so far to say that it has, “bugs which will never be solved”.

As you can see, this is the reason that some smart phones already have very stable CM10 available for them but the other versions of the same smart phone are still lagging behind on the CM10 front. We will just have to wait for the team to get the stuff working and hope that Samsung will cooperate with the developer community and provide proper data sheets.

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